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​Well, first off our primary business is a family business called Homefront Signs, Print and Embroidery, established for over 20 years with 5 star reviews on both Google and Facebook. We have been involved in DTF printing since 2019 when we came across it by accident while looking for screen printing supplies from China. Just as the world was about to slow down for two years due to the  Covid 19 pandemic we received our first imported DTF printer from China. I guess with Covid it gave us some time to really learn the process. Four printers later (and a chunk of wasted money) testing of many, many inks and films we belive we now have some of the best products on the market. DTF Supplies is an arm of our family business. We run it side by side with our own printing  business. We know the importance of quality and customer service.  With regards our printer sales, we don't have pushy, persistant sales people we simply would invite you to come and see our production printer in use and let

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